Monday, September 20, 2010


Safe Haven House is in the White Mountains of Arizona. Andy emailed me and described his goal to bring together men that are poz and form a family that nothing can ever break.

Now that the reality of Safe Haven House has passed from dream to incubation it will be necessary to nurture its potential by finding grants or other funding until it is self sustaining through membership and other sources of revenue including membership dues.

Please help us by clicking on the links on these pages. You don't have to buy anything but all proceeds from AdSense clicks will be dontated to Safe Haven House so don't be cheap! Click until you have carpal tunnel syndrome! OK, may be once or twice is enough.

Andy says every new dawn brings a ray of hope that today will be the first day of sharing with a family created with unconditional love and support that grows and nurtures and provides care for one another through life's beautiful journey.
I say that day has already come. And let's make sure that journey is fun too!

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